Al Biruni
(Abu Raihan Mohamad ibn Ahmed Al Biruni) This great historian mathematician astronomer, philosopher geologist and mineralogist was born in one of the suburds of Khwarizm. One of his famous works was his book Kitab Ul Hind which he wrote during his stay in India and Qumud Al Masud (an astronomical encyclopedia) On the mathematical and astronomical side of Geography he discussed the antipodes and roundity of the earth, the determination of its movement and gave the latitudes and longitudes of numerous places.
Al Khwarizmi
(Mohamad ibn Musa Al Khwarizmi -780-850 CE) This mathematician and astronomer's work is the first golden period of Islamic civilization. Born in the city of Baghdad Al Kwarizmi was the first original mathematician in the world. His great contribution came in his book Hisab Al Jabr wal Muqubalah which laid the foundation for the science of algebra. Al Khwarizmi was also the first great Muslim geographer who wrote the book, Surat Al Arz or the shape of the Earth. Together with other 69 scholars he gave a map of the world and this was one of the first map in the world.
Umar Hayyam
Umar Ibn Ibrahim Al Khayyam Al Khayyam was a great Muslim mathematician, poet and astronomer. Some of his works include treatises on arithmetic, algebra and astronomy. His solution of the euluc and liquadratic with the help of conic section is the most advanced work in Mathematics so far.
Al Battani 
Abu Abdallah Mohammad ibn Jabir Al Battani  Born 850 in Harran, Al Battani was a famous astrologer and leader in geometry and astronomy. His achievements include inventing formulae for right angled triangles such as b sin (A) = a sin (90-A), cataloguing 489 stars, detailing the existing values for the length of the year (365 days 5 hours 48 minutes 24 seconds, and the seasons), calculating 54.5" per year for the precession of the equinoxes and obtained the value of 23 35' for the inclination of the ecliptic. He also showed that the farthest distance of the Sun from the Earth varies and, which can explain the annular and total eclipses of the Sun. 



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