Dated Released : 26 December 2001
Quality : DVDRip
Info :
Runtime : 99 min
Starring : Vinnie Jones, Jason Statham, David Hemmings
Genre : Comedy | Drama | Sport
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Danny Meehan, a former captain of the English national football team who was banned from football for life for fixing a match between England and Germany, is sentenced to three years in Longmarsh prison for assaulting two police officers after a lengthy drinking session and driving wildly to a local bar.

Once inside, he is promptly beaten by the prison guards for misbehaving, and is subsequently approached by the prison governor. The governor offers Meehan a job as coach of the prison wardens' football team; not wanting to make enemies with the other prisoners, Meehan declines, and instead offers to train a team consisting of other inmates, who will take on the wardens in a practice match.

Meehan ends up with the resident contraband dealer, Massive, as his right-hand man. He also receives advice from an ancient convict, Doc, who teaches Meehan prison lore. Meehan wins the respect of the other inmates after he attacks an officer, Mr. Ratchett, who is attacking Massive, and is then occupied with the task of training up his team of cons, including a maximum-security con named Monk (Jason Statham) and a violent Scottish inmate.

At half time, the inmates' team (Mean Machine) is winning 1-0, and things are going well until the governor attempts to blackmail Meehan into throwing the match. At first he puts his own interests before that of the team's, but as the final moments of the game tick down, he redeems himself, and wins the game for the cons.




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