Dated Released : 28 November 2003
Quality : BRRip Bluray 720p [DDR]
Info : imdb.com/title/tt0347304/
Runtime : 186 min
Starring : Preity Zinta, Shahrukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan
Genre : Drama | Romance

P L O T 

Naina Catherine Kapur (Preity Zinta) is an angry young woman, for more than one reason. Her father committed suicide when she needed him the most, leaving her mother Jennifer (Jaya Bachchan) to raise their two young children all alone. The restaurant Jennifer operates is faltering. Furthermore, Naina's paternal grandmother, Lajjo (Sushma Seth), blames Jennifer for the suicide and refuses to accept Gia (Jhanak Shukla), a six-year-old girl whom Jennifer adopted, as her granddaughter, blaming her for bringing bad luck to the family. Naina has to put up with the daily fights that take place in the house as a result. The bright spots in her life are the toiling and tolerant Jennifer and Naina's bumbling MBA classmate Rohit (Saif Ali Khan)
Preity Zinta, Shahrukh Khan and Jaya Bachchan (l-r) as featured in the film.

Aman Mathur (Shahrukh Khan) arrives in Naina's neighbourhood and soon changes everything. Noticing the sadness of his new neighbours, he intervenes. His well-meaning interference in their activities, his revival of their financial condition, and his general optimism soon change their lives for the better. Although Naina is initially reluctant to enjoy Aman's presence as others do and is irritated by his extroverted, overly-enthusiastic attitude, she grows to like him and eventually falls in love with him.

Meanwhile, her friend Rohit has been in love with her. On Aman's encouragement, he calls Naina for lunch but before he can confess to her, she reveals her love for Aman. Rohit informs Aman about this and leaves shortly for his parents' home. Naina goes to Aman's house where, to stop her from confessing her feelings to him, Aman tells her that he is married to a woman named Priya (Sonali Bendre) who actually is his doctor.


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