COLD PREY 3 (2010)

Dated Released : 15 October 2010
Quality : Xvid
Info : http://www.
Runtime :
Starring : Ida Marie Bakkerud, Kim S. Falck-Jørgensen and Pål Stokka
Genre : Horror

English Reviews
The prequel to "Fritt vilt" and "Fritt vilt II" is telling about how the whole thing started up in Jotunheimen. It does, but being a prequel tells already that no one survives. That's one less that you normally have. That's the only thing not repeating itself in this movie. Not too well played by the youngsters, too "kitchy", to lame and too boring, I'm afraid.

The only thing which is really fun in the movie is the 80'ies songs they've pulled out of the darkness. Kim Wilde's "You keep me hanging on" is a great in-joke. Another is the nods to "Deliverance" and other classic "horror"-flicks.


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